Fury (The Fae Awakening Book 1) by Will O’Shire Review

Fury (The Fae Awakening Book 1) by Will O’Shire 2/5 Stars 153 pages Published November 28th 2018

If you want to read a first person novella with as many monsters and fairy tale creatures jammed into it as possible, than this is the book for you. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this is a book that tells you more about it in the description than the actual story itself does. It’s not for me, but it could be something you like, if you want something quick to read.


Following a person named Hunter, I had a few problems with this book. A few being, I didn’t figure out that that’s their name and not their profession, although it is kind of their profession, until I read the description, I cant tell you where they live, what time period they live in, or even what they look like from reading the story. Because of these reasons, I couldn’t really get into the book.


The story, is so packed full of creatures that I had a hard time keeping up. Again, I couldn’t imagine the characters, but they did what they set out to do, and that is they wanted to find out where a fire came from, and end the problem at the base, which was actually a flaming unicorn. There were a few hints to the fact that they were actually in the present time period, like a reference to ghost rider, and an electronic money deposit system, but those are the only clues I got. I just had a hard time with this.


Overall, I probably will read the other novella’s because they’re so short, and I hope that I like them more. I’m interested to see what happens next, and if you think you’d like this book from the description, tread lightly, and pay extra attention to the book so you don’t get as lost as me. I had to restart it a few times because I just kept feeling like I was missing something.


The book is available here, and here’s a link to the author’s Twitter.

Thanks for reading!

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