Ricochet by Kathryn Berla Review

5/5 Stars 328 pages
Published October 8th 2019 by Flux

I have to say, that this book was so different than anything else I’ve read. I’m a huge fan of doppelgangers, clones, and alternate dimensions or parallel universes, so basically what I’m trying to say is this book was right up my alley, and I was really stoked to read it once I gave the description another view before actually starting it. Though I haven’t read anything by the author before, this book has opened me up to them. I hope you love it as much as I did.


Beginning like any other young adult novel, it shows a couple of teenagers in young love. Tatiana and Priya are very close, though Priya’s parents don’t know about them because she’s too scared to tell them. Tatiana is adopted to some beautifully created hippy parents that I would love to have gotten to know a little more of, but that’s not important. She also has seizures, or me-zures as they’re sometimes referred to. That’s where it gets strange.


When she has those kind of episodes, it’s like any other seizure, except that her brain doesn’t react to it in scans, and there’s a white tunnel that appears above her head that she feels mysteriously drawn to. What could it be? Well it turns out, that it’s actually a portal to her other selves in parallel universes. Isn’t that insane? I can’t even imagine what that would be like, but I think that the book did a really amazing job of explaining it.


grayscale photography of person at the end of tunnel
Photo by Anthony DeRosa on Pexels.com

I loved this book for so many reasons. I know that usually teen books are for teens, but I’ve always been a fan of young adult fiction, and just because I’m not a teenager anymore doesn’t mean I’m going to suddenly switch up on the genre, although I have integrated more kinds of books into my reading. The characters are super realistic, despite the crazy things that happen to them, and also some of them aren’t American, which is just really cool to read about, seeing as Tatiana seems so American in her timeline.


Overall, I really think that this book is one I’m going to remember for a long time, and it’s something I want other people to read. If you get a chance, I definitely recommend giving this book a chance, even if you don’t think you’d like it. Who knows? You might be surprised. It was a solid length too, and I’m glad I got the chance to read it.


If you’d like a copy, you can grab one here.

Here’s a link to the author’s Twitter, if you’d like to keep up with them.

Thanks for reading! What do you think of this cover? I love it! Let me know below.

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Question For You

Hey everyone! I’m glad to be back and set myself a more realistic goal for my reading this year.

person in black jacket walking on snow covered pathway between trees
Photo by Domen Mirtič Dolenec on Pexels.com

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll know I always set my reading goal high, and it’s usually ten books more than the last year.

Last year, my goal was 85 books and I actually read about 98. So this year I’d like to read at least 95 books, but seeing that number on my goal was kind of psyching myself out so currently it’s at 10. When I reach that, I’ll change it to 20, and so on.


None of that was a question though.

I’d really like to get more into making videos for my blog, because I feel like not everyone wants to read a long blog

adult blur books close up
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post like this every wednesday. But do people actually enjoy those? I’ve really only had experience with making unboxings, so I guess I’ll keep doing that.

What do you guys want to see from yourself this year?

I’d like to be less stressed out overall.


Anyways, thanks for reading.

Hope you have a good day!

Hood Academy (Hood Academy #1-2) by Shelley Wilson Review

3/5 Stars 336 pages
Published October 10th 2019 by BHC Press

Though this wasn’t something I particularly disliked, this book has a lower rating than I usually would have given something like this because, well I think it should have been two books. A great story about a teenage girl overcoming hardships to really grow into her own skin, this book is full of fight scenes. Whether it’s student on student or werewolf on student, it’s exciting, but not as gory as you’d think.


Following a sixteen year old girl named Mia, it shows her life as she goes from literally sitting in the middle of a crime scene, leaving her old life of abuse from her father behind as her uncle picks her up and takes her with him to his boarding school in the middle of the woods, Hood Academy, the book’s namesake. She learns a lot about the world then, mostly because a werewolf killed her father, but also that there are secret societies of people called hunters, that are sworn to kill werewolves, and packs of werewolf families scattered all over the place.


white wolf
Photo by Flickr on Pexels.com

One thing I wasn’t a fan of in this book, was that although a lot did happen, it didn’t suck me in as well as other books on the same kind of subject have in the past. I love werewolves, but this was just another werewolf book. The other thing I wasn’t a huge fan of, was that by the time I got to the second book in this book, I was kind of worn out from reading the first one. I needed a break, and I’m honestly not sure why they decided to bring the two together into one. I should have taken a break then and maybe read another novel between them, but I don’t really think that should be a necessity.


Overall, this book was good not great in my opinion. I don’t regret reading it, but it’s not my favourite. If you like books about teens and boarding school, and also maybe even supernatural beings, and don’t mind two books in one book, then I think you would like this, and should check it out.


If you’d like to grab a copy, you can do so here.

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Thanks for reading! What do you think of werewolves? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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I’m back again I know this is the 70001st time I’ve posted something like this but I just keep overwhelming myself and getting burnt out


my goals this year are to drink more water and post more consistently on my blog throughout the year so here I am


miss you

wish me luck fam


Hey guys! Sorry for the late post today. I’ve been having kind of a down day, my motivation is gone and I haven’t finished a book in days, but it just is like that sometimes right? It happens.

Anyways, I wanted to share something. I know I never post pictures of myself but I’ve seen on twitter that author Rachel Caine has recently had surgery, and in an effort to make her feel better, I posted a picture from when I was in grade 10 and met her at a local reading/writing convention!

Now don’t judge me, I know I probably look different than what you think lol, but keep in mind that I was in grade 10. So this was probably 2011 tops! My hair was dyed purple with literal kool aid. It’s what you gotta do sometimes. So I’m happy to share this with you.



Thanks for stopping by!

Human by Diego Agrimbau, & Lucas Varela Review

Human is so much more than just a super interesting looking cover and a nice red aesthetic. It’s the story of power, spiraling out of control. Of an ancient Earth, still living and healing long after people have deemed it uninhabitable. Human might be one of my favourite graphic novel’s that I’ve read lately, and I think it would make a really nice addition to anyone’s bookshelf, but specifically mine.

5/5 Stars 138 pages
Published October 16th 2019 by Europe Comics

Something from space not only breaks apart, but crashes to an Earth, filled with dinosaurs and apes. Turns out, it’s not just space junk, but it’s an actual robot. It’s eager to explore, but it doesn’t know why it’s here or what it’s supposed to be doing, which is a problem. Especially when it’s a hostile environment. But when it’s attacked, another smaller robot flies down and defends it. The two stick together until they find two more robots, and then a ship containing an actual human being.


This is peculiar, because not only is Earth missing it’s humans, but the man in the ship is still alive. And he’s missing his wife. This is when we learn that not only are they scientists, but his wife was going to be the womb of the new human race. Not completely sure how that would work out down the line, but at least they tried, right?

starry night sky over starry night
Photo by Adi kavazovic on Pexels.com

Overall, this story was exciting, haunting, cute and extremely gory at times, if you can say cute and gory in the same breath. I loved every minute of it, and like I said, I think it might just be one of my new favourite graphic novels. Scary and cute is the best mix, especially with a little science fiction and horror thrown in. I definitely recommend checking this book out, even if you’re not the biggest fan of any of those things, because I feel like reading this would change your mind.


You can grab a copy for yourself here!


Here are links to the creator’s Twitter accounts, if you’d like to keep up with them!





Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts below.

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You Ever Go to Book Events?

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, is book events, and how you find them. Why is it so difficult? I just want to go to an author reading, or maybe a meet and greet signing event, just something! Even a book launch.

I want to interact with the book community around me and I want to get more interesting content for my blog. But how do you find stuff like that?

This is a genuine question. If you know, please let me know. lmao.

A Whore’s Manifesto: An Anthology of Writing and Artwork by Sex Workers by Kay Kassirer Review

Though I didn’t take very many notes while I was reading this book, It really packed a punch. Not sure what I was getting myself into, I read haunting stories of coming into your own skin, sexual assault, hard work days and distant memories. Personal poems and short paragraphs and occasional pictures all meshed together, this book is definitely something that’s going to stick with me, whether on my shelf or just in my mind.

4/5 Stars  104 pages
Published October 18th 2019 by Thorntree Press

The thing I really liked about this book is that it’s different. Gritty non fiction, it shows the life around sex working, both good and bad. But above all, I think that this book is about finding yourself in whatever way you need to.


I don’t have much to say about this book, other than it’s really interesting and even if you don’t like non fiction, I think you should read it. It’s about real people doing real things and I think that even if it’s a little hard to look at, like some of the pages in this book, it’s worth it.


If you’d like a copy, you can grab one for yourself here.

Here’s a link to the editor’s Twitter, if you’d like to keep up with them.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think below.

Hope you have a good day.

Safe Harbour by Christina Kilbourne Review

I’m not sure why but I feel like I’ve read a bunch of books this year about homeless teens. Whether that’s true or not, because I’m not about to go searching for them, I do really enjoy reading about these kind of topics, even if they are fictional. They’re raw and real, something I didn’t used to really like for my fiction reads, but it’s something that’s really grown on me and I’ve learned to appreciate.

4/5 Stars 264 pages
Published November 16th 2019 by Dundurn

Safe Harbour only adds to that. Following a fourteen year old girl named Harbour, it shows her life as she lives/camps in a ravine in Toronto, in the fall. Waiting for her dad to swoop in on his boat, Starlight, she’s basically been roughing it for four weeks with only her dog and her tent. What more could you ask for?


The book itself begins with a distant memory of Harbour’s, cloud watching with her dad. They could never start their day without it, and it’s something she does even now, alone. But she misses the sea, and her dad too. She hasn’t heard from him in a while, which is kind of worrying when she’s waiting on him to survive. She’s tough though, and determined.

man sitting at the side of the road leaning back on road railing near cars during day
Photo by Milan Rout on Pexels.com

Sink baths, cans of tuna for weeks on end, and stealing library books are all part of Harbour’s daily routine, that is until she meets Lise, another homeless teenage girl. Lise is also my favourite character, and I wish we could have seen more of what happens to her at the end of the story, although I understand that she’s not the star of this book. She teaches Harbour how to survive the cold, panhandle,  get a room in a shelter, and swipe scraps like a pro.


Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book, but had more than one question left at the end of the book. Why didn’t Lise want to trust Brandon? Is she still in shelters? What’s going to happen to Harbour now that the story is over? It’s not my most favourite book, but I definitely had a good time reading it.


If you’d like to check this book out for yourself, you can grab a copy here!


Here’s a link to the author’s Twitter, if you’d like to keep up with her!


Thanks for reading! Let me know what your thoughts on this book are!


Hope you have a good day.