Revenge: An Urban Fantasy & Mystery (The Fae Awakening Book 2) by Will O’Shire Review

Revenge: An Urban Fantasy & Mystery (The Fae Awakening Book 2) by Will O’Shire 3/5 Stars 126 pages
Published March 1st 2019

I’ve been working my way through “The Fae Awakening” series lately, and although the first two books I read weren’t my absolute favourite, I do think that they’re getting better as they go on. At around a hundred pages, this book isn’t an epic novel, but a novella that goes by pretty quickly and gets straight to the point. I like the cover, and I came into this book with an open mind, and was pleasantly surprised.


Following Hunter again in first person, it begins with him spending five days in a moldy jail cell. An ogre guard comes and tells him that “they’re” ready for him, and leads him into a council chamber. He goes through a quick court process, they say he stole a great number of documents, which he did, and they tell him that he must return them, wherever they are. The thing is, he sold them to a man who hasn’t been seen in a while.


This book is an adventure that isn’t like the others, Hunter teams up with a fae simply called “The Watcher”, and an Ogre named Thok, who can somehow change his skin colour at will. Not sure if that’s some kind of magic from the fairy in the group or if that’s just something that they can do, but it was definitely different. Chasing after a man named Kawa, they eventually figure out that he’s kidnapped a young religious girl, and taken her into the forest.


I still had the same problems that I did with the others, that I couldn’t exactly imagine the characters, but I think that’s something that I’m getting used to, reading more of the books. I just imagine them as a blank figure with a name rather than an actual character, especially Hunter. I’ll continue to read the short stories with an open mind.


The book is available here, and here’s a link to the author’s Twitter, if you’d like to keep up with him.

Thanks for reading!

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