The Subjugate by Amanda Bridgeman Review

The Subjugate by Amanda Bridgeman 5/5 Stars 400 pages
Published November 6th 2018 by Angry Robot

If you’re looking for a new detective novel to fall in love with, you have to read “The Subjugate” by Amanda Bridgeman. Set in the near future, the world has become even more tech obsessed than it is now. People don’t interact with each other. There are tech junkies, who are just like regular junkies, but will do anything for a new app or some screen time. And in the middle of it all, there is a town called Bountiful who will do anything to keep the devil, aka technology, out of their lives. That is, until a serial killer pops up.


Nothing like this has ever happened before to the people of Bountiful, though they have a very special facility beside their town. Called the Solme Complex, it’s a building for rehabilitating hardened criminals, mostly rapists and murderers, and essentially lobotomizing them with chemicals and turning them from subjugates, to serene’s. People with supposedly no bad feelings, and a fully erased past. They are known by their silver “halo” that rests around the back of their heads, and their very quiet and passive temperament.


Following Detective Salvi Brentt and her partner Mitch, the two find themselves being called into Bountiful to find a very unusual body. A young girl has been found face down in her kitchen, strangled to death with the word “pure” cut into her. Most of the book is the two detectives interviewing people in their town and trying to figure out what really happened while the bodies begin to pile up.


I loved this book because it was a slow burn, and that’s very unusual to me. I really enjoyed trying to figure out what was going on while the book was going, and still being completely shocked by the ending. The characters were very realistic, they dealt with their own problems and the new ones that began to pop up around them very well, and way better than I would be able to handle them. The technology in the book was also really interesting to learn about, and the entire thing was written in such a way that I could imagine it and get right into the story very easily.


Overall I loved reading this, and I think you should check it out if you get the chance. If you love detective novels and serial killers set in the future, you’re going to love this one. The book is available here, and here’s a link to the author’s Twitter.


Thanks for reading!

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